Six. More. Weeks.

How it feels right now…

A journey that began over six years ago is winding up and nearly finished.

After a lovely week of Spring Break, I had hoped I’d feel refreshed. I went for days without email, homework, schedules or alarms. I hit the beach and read non-cerebral books. After 8 full days of a whole bunch of nothing, I was beginning to feel a little bit like Oprah.

Spring Break, how I’ve missed you so…

And then I had to return. Poorly explained assignments. Torturous final assessments. Mind numbing lectures. Group projects with people that can’t seem to align schedules. Extra meetings and bonus classes.

Whenever I think about doing anything school related

The real hilarity is that the same night I ordered my cap and gown, there were reps on hand to talk to us about the MBA program.

Literally me when they asked if I wanted grad school info.

The only thing that is keeping me in this game is that I have not one, but TWO vacations already on the books – and paid for – to celebrate the upcoming commencement. The only big decision now is to how to bedazzle my cap for the big event.

Any suggestions??

If it weren’t for the letter saying I will be graduating with honors, I’d be so tempted to toss it all in the air right now and not finish another thing. But that would be silly. I’ve worked too hard to get lazy now.

Speaking of lazy, it’s 83 degrees with 44% humidity. I hear my hammock calling. I’ve spent enough time with my face looking at a screen today.

Thanks for reading, until next time,

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