Nearing the end

I am a great starter. I absolutely LOVE the beginning of new projects, like a freshly unwrapped canvas, or a new journal. Even the blinking cursor on a new page.

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And then the place in the middle gets mucky for me. Slugging through it. Keeping my eye on the prize, and persevering through the not-so-fun places of the journey. The middle is my least favorite. It’s where I usually second guess my goal, get discouraged, and have often been known to just quit.

I may be exaggerating..

Finishing? Ahhh. That is the sweetest thing ever, especially when I’m satisfied with the result. How did the thing turn out? Can I stand back and give it a final look and be proud?

When I was running last summer, I enlisted the support of a couple of my more athletic runner friends. They each shared with me how important the finish is. To pour it on when you see the finish line. To always sprint at the end, even though you’re tired and just want to lay down and die.

There are TWO finals standing between me and graduation. And I have already checked my “what if” grade to see what happens if I bomb either of them. As it turns out, I’ll be just fine, and my grade will also be just fine.

Oh Ryan, stop distracting me.

But I am not going to bomb them. My version of “sprinting” to the finish is to forego an afternoon at the beach. Instead, I am reviewing 16 weeks of notes. It’s the worst part, but also the very best part. It’s the last time I’ll have to do this.

Sure, I’ll continue exploring and learning new things, but on my own timetable. I will certainly have more trips to the beach, more time with friends, and more time for just any ol’ thing I feel like doing. When I’m done with this.

My favorite thing. Sunset on Siesta Key Beach.

Homework and tests and papers and finals – I’m not gonna miss you. It’s been a VERY long middle, over 6 years!! I’m not the same person I was when I began, but I’m so very glad I persevered. Besides, Game of Thrones will still be there waiting.

In just one week, I’ll be an official college graduate. I could just cry at the thought. I can see the finish line. It’s right there, and I’m going to sail across it like a champ.

Thanks for cheering me on! Until next time,

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