I’m grounded.

These were dreadful words when I was a teen. I didn’t understand how this was a punishment. Wouldn’t keeping me at home only torture my parents? Nope, they knew it was much more devastating to me. Alienation from the entire outside world. No parties, no hanging out with friends, no movies or dates or fun of any sort.

Nope, you’re not going. Not even for the AC/DC concert tickets you bought six months ago. You, young lady, or going nowhere. You are grounded.

Fast forward to the past week, or month, or year, or even ten or twenty years. I have not grounded myself as an adult, but I am about to.

It’s been lots of beach and sunshine and social time and friends and lounging. It was completely necessary and all very essential to my mental well being. My social life needed a little resuscitating after the substantial neglect that school work had caused. I was playing catch up, and I discovered that all of this is too much. I need to rest a bit.

I looked at my calendar from last week and said, “Who is this crazy person writing all this stuff in here?” And then, well, it was me of course. Too many things all at once. I need to prioritize.

It’s difficult though, because I’ve put so many things on hold for when I finished school. And now here is the ridiculous back log of things I want to do.

I am remembering to be grateful though. I do not dare for one second complain about the things on my list. Among these items are practice Italian for my upcoming trip and research some writer stuff. And some entrepreneurial stuff that has my attention. ALL of it is so very very delicious and fun and I’m here for it.

Isn’t it funny that as an adult, I want to be grounded. The way the yogis mean it, like, solid, centered, stable, peaceful. Grounded, like in a good way. It feels like an escape. A retreat of sorts. It isn’t a punishment at all. It’s actually more like a reward for being wise enough to stay put.

I have a comfy couch, Netflix, and the wonderful gift of time. As my favorite yogi Adriene says, “Rest, and absorb the nutrients of your practice.

So the previously overused excuse of ,”I can’t, I have homework,” is now, “I can’t, I’m grounded.” I’ll come out to play when I get back from Italy. I promise!

Thanks for reading, until next time,

2 thoughts on “I’m grounded.

  1. So glad you posted today. Sitting on the couch with a sour stomach. No doubt due to a Target made sandi, ate on the run with Ellerie this afternoon .
    Happy to hear , you have had some Sherri time after your BIG day. Boy, do you deserve it❤️ And your visit to Italy is right around the corner. What a terrific beginning.
    Lots of love, Leah


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