Fair well, Prince Charming

This is the story of how fairy tales don’t always end the way you think they will.

Once upon a time, the lovely lady was enchanted with the man Prince Charming. Her life was rich and full and she was very happy before they connected. He only brought more joy and delight. The lovely lady had a big goal in front of her, and she worked very hard. He was very patient and understanding, and she was glad for that.

And then after many months, the lovely lady reached her goal! She suddenly had a lot more time to spend with Prince Charming. This was so wonderful as she dreamed of how they might live happily ever after.

And then the Prince gave the lovely lady some sad news. He no longer wanted to spend time with the lovely lady. There were logical reasons of course.

But love is not always logical.

The lovely lady was sad, because she loved the Prince so much. And yet she saw that he was unhappy, and tearfully accepted his farewell.

Her sadness faded a bit more each day, as did his. They agreed to remain friendly which was important because of their work together.

Is there a moral to this story? Perhaps not a moral for others, but certainly there is a lesson there for the Prince and the lovely lady.

Each experience, each season brings new things and new understandings. As we grow, we learn. And as we learn, we grow. Sometimes a couple grows together, and sometimes each grows their own way.

And either way, when their paths are intentional, they will both live happily ever after.

The End


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