Italy or bust

MANY years ago, I recognized how much I love all things Italian. Food, wine and shoes. I mean, what’s not to love?

So I set a goal and decided I would go to Italy for my 50th birthday (which was exactly one year ago today)!

Last year, as I was approaching the big day, I realized I would not have the time nor the funds to make that trip. I also realized that turning 50 was really not that much of an accomplishment. Okay, so I didn’t step in front of a moving bus, or take a tumble out of a giant tree, but otherwise, I managed to keep myself alive.

Graduating college after grinding it out for over six years of classes? Now there’s an accomplishment. So I began dreaming and planning, and in March, I booked the tickets. Prince Charming and I would celebrate this momentous milestone in Florence.

Then, there was a little snag two weeks prior to boarding. Prince Charming and I parted ways, and rather than sobbing my way through my dream trip, we worked it out for my daughter to be my traveling companion.

This required some rearranging, but we did it. It’s no longer a romantic bed and breakfast in the Chianti hill country. It is now 2 nights in Riomaggiore after hiking Cinque Terre and then 3 nights in Florence visiting museums and taking in the sights.

I am sad that the Italian man (remember my earlier mention of loving all things Italian?) and I weren’t able to do this together, but I am so very grateful that this trip is still happening. If there are melancholy moments, my girl is sure to pull me right out of them. (Her sister is 21 weeks along in her first pregnancy or she would have figured out a way to join us. Both daughters are bringing such joy to their momma this year!)

What happens when life totally throws us a curve ball? How do we proceed when we feel like we’ve been punched in the gut? Of course I can use the lemons and lemonade analogy, but that’s so overused.

We must find this!

Maybe when life hands you sour grapes, you let them ferment while you go on a wine tour in Italy. Stay tuned for the post-trip blogs that are sure to come.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

5 thoughts on “Italy or bust

  1. Sherri, Nothing is better then hiking with your kiddo in Italy. Plus six years of higher ed. brought you to where you are today. Savor your Italy 🇮🇹
    Sorry ! about your prince.
    All my Love, Leah

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