Applesauce and mashed potatoes, please.

That totally seems like a balanced diet, doesn’t it?

Well, I hope so, because that is about to become a menu staple for a while. And this is totally okay with me, because I can see the bigger picture.

After being unhappy with my smile for basically my whole life, I went to the orthodontist and had braces put on my teeth yesterday.

Yep, it’s a mouthful of metal going on here!

For the next 20 months (or so), I will happily endure monthly visits, a limited diet, and considerable time on oral hygiene. There will be complicated scheduling for my dental cleanings (3x per year). Let’s not forget the medium size draft out of my checking account, too.

No almonds, popcorn, caramel, and a ton of other “do not eat” items. I couldn’t read the entire list through the tears forming. I really love caramel. And popcorn. You can only imagine how I feel about caramel popcorn!

I am literally drooling…

There are people in my life who assure me that my smile is beautiful and that orthodontics are unnecessary. Yes, there are about twenty-seven million other things I could spend time, energy and money on. I can think of a myriad reasons why NOT to get this done.

But there is one super-dee-duper reason, and that outweighed all the rest. And it is this: I am worth it.

My parents could not afford to do this when I was younger. Heck, it’s a good thing we grew our own vegetables and butchered our own meat or we may have actually gone hungry. My dad is a farmer and times were tough back then. It doesn’t mean they didn’t want to do good things for me, they didn’t have the means for such extravagances.

I painted this collage from various scenes around their farm.

I’m not entirely sure I do either, but I managed to provide braces for my daughter because she needed them. And now it’s my turn. Whenever there has been a trip to take, a car to repair, or any other big ticket item, it always gets taken care of. It’s been said (to myself each morning), “Everything is always working out for me.” And it is.

I want to be proud of my smile. I want to feel more confident. I love myself, so don’t start thinking I don’t. It’s because I love myself that I embarked on this twenty month hiatus from caramel corn.

If I can get through over six years of school to obtain my degree, surely I can get through this little season. June of 2021 is when this hardware disappears. Based on my perception of time, it really isn’t a long time at all. It’s only 87 weeks, or 608 days. You know how fast a week goes right?


Just make a commitment to do something (like posting a blog once a week) and you’ll see right away. As it turns out, I remembered an incident involving caramel corn (and smoke alarms) that will be the topic for next week’s post. You’ll want to catch it I promise!

Thanks for reading, until next time,

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