It’s time for the good stuff

Hi there!

It’s been a hot minute since I have written. Tell me, have you missed my wit and enlightenment? Say yes, please.

I was SHOCKED that this was not a topic of a post last year. I remember very specifically writing it in my head. I actually went back through all my posts and drafts and it’s nowhere to be found. So here goes.

Last year was the first official year that I decorated my tree as an empty nester. It was brutal. Pulling out all of the nostalgia just about killed me dead. I tried to set myself up for success. I had some funky dance music going, and a glass of red to keep me company.

What I didn’t realize is how sentimental I actually am.

Digging through all of the handmade ornaments, and realizing an entire era has passed. So many memories wrapped in paper towels, waiting to be hung on the tree once again. I remember last year, vacillating between the joy of decorating, and the melancholy of missing my kids.

So this year, I was prepared. I knew it was coming. I had funky dance music going, but held off on the red as if that would help keep my emotional wall strong and steady.

No such luck. If things are not perfectly balanced, or there are bare spots, I didn’t see them through my tears.

My daughters are adults now, responsibly living in their own places and I probably should give them some of these ornaments. Or maybe not.

It’s held up quite well, wouldn’t you agree?
Circa 1995, Evidence of my hair cutting fail.

Many women (okay, and fellas, too) decide to go full-on-decorator when their nest empties. It must all be fancy-schmancy, and fragile, and themed out, maybe even hand-blown imports from a land far away. With zero chance of a toddler invasion, it’s now safe to pull out the good stuff.

Yes, I need these ornaments!

What is the good stuff? The safe, color coordinated, designer ornaments that look as though they came right off of a Pinterest board? Expensive maybe, but not necessarily the good stuff.

Isn’t this just stunning?
And how fun is this?

The good stuff is knowing that there are lots of memories hanging on my tree. Coworkers that I miss, friends from years ago, and preschool handmade pieces that have survived only by a miracle.

I get it now. And if I weren’t saving all of my money for future goals, I’d run out and get my own version of decorator tree ornaments. My kids will all be here at some point to celebrate with me (okay, mid January will work), and they will appreciate all of the sentimentality on my tree.

I’d like to offer up a little poem…

Lights and ribbons and garland and such,
These do not cause the tears near as much,
As the small hand-print reindeer from Christmases long past,
The preschool sparkles disappear much too fast.
Enjoy your little ones and all their noise and mess,
For one day, you too will have to confess,
How much you miss those cherub-like faces,
And be thrilled for grand babies to take their places.
It’s perfectly fine to have a new fancy theme,
With decorator pieces and chosen color scheme.
Either way, let’s do our best to keep things festive and bright.
A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Whether you’re keeping old traditions or beginning new ones, may your season one of wonder and peace!

Thanks for reading, until next time,

One thought on “It’s time for the good stuff

  1. I can relate with realizing how sentimental we can be after all the dust settles. LOVE the poem… missing cherub like faces so much this season and enjoying the one grandchild’s.


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