Row row row your boat

This little ditty has been in my head for the past few weeks. I’m always rowing my boat it seems, and usually upstream. Against the current. Forcing, pushing, exerting more effort than necessary.

Exactly me.

Until now. Now is different.

…Gently down the stream…

I’m not struggling. I’m not forcing, or stressing, or trying to make progress. I’m floating with the current. Things are flowing. It’s easy. Effortless.

What exactly am I talking about? Did I choose the winning lottery ticket? Publisher’s Clearing House? Is that even a thing anymore?

Yes, it’s still a thing!

I wasn’t looking for a partner. I had actually resolved to row my boat alone, safely, upstream as per usual, without any risk of injury to my heart. This I know how to do. It’s not easier, but it’s familiar.

But then, there he was. Just being my friend. Asking lots of questions and apparently taking notes, because he followed up. He was paying attention.

…Merrily merrily merrily merrily…

I think he’s a unicorn because every single trait and characteristic I have ever wanted is present. The “if I ever get involved again” list is longer than this one.

My actual list has more than this…

And then, like a dream come true, he pursued me, and continues to do so. Daily texts at 8am sharp with sweet and encouraging thoughts. He likes to make plans. He presents options, keeping my preferences in mind and allowing me to choose.

He respects my space and my freedom. If I casually mention an idea or a project, he encourages me to pursue it. He challenges me. He believes in me.

The crazy thing is how easy it is to be with him. I don’t have to contort myself. I don’t have to pretend to like something that I don’t. I am just myself, as real as I know how to be.

And he loves me. Just the way I am.

…Life is but a dream…

I don’t know how to make my friends not jealous. Did I mention he works out, loves art, the beach, kids, golf, Jesus, wine, travel, shopping and now yoga? And he LOVES to cook. I know, right?

It doesn’t seem fair.

But maybe it’s supposed to be like this? Maybe it’s because I finally value myself enough to realize I deserve a solid partner. One who also believes I’ve hung the moon. I had finally determined I didn’t need a man to be happy, or to take care of me. I would row my boat and enjoy myself. But wow, floating downstream with a terrific partner is so nice.

I’m sure there will be bumps or hiccups, but this unicorn man has won me over.

So where it goes from here is not a concern. I’ll just be floating merrily along and enjoying every moment.

Joe and I on Easter Sunday. Yes, he cooked.

Try not to hate me.

Thanks for reading, until next time,

3 thoughts on “Row row row your boat

  1. There will bre bumps but it sounds like you are with the right one top cruise right over them. Done of us don’t get it right the first time but make up for it the second time with that perfect (unicorn) man. I am so happy for you!!!!


  2. So much JOY for you and Joe, Sherri. All that’s missing from your beautiful picture are hearts in both your eyes.
    Yes! real men cook. Thank god, because I think we would all starve to death during this pandemic. I cook cheese, crackers and apples. Mike has been smoking, making every meal and shopping at the market for us for months. The best meals I have ever had in my life. And I just recently turned 50:)
    Love, Leah


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