Well, there I am…

Thirteen months.

Three posts, counting this one.

Where did I go?

What did I do?

Why did I stop writing?

Great questions, and the details will reveal themselves at some point (or not). I didn’t stop writing, I just kinda stopped posting, and then found reasons to continue not posting.

I should rebrand.

I should redesign.

I should map out a series, or at least a post, explaining where I’ve been.

Or maybe I should stop beating myself up using bad words like should and just start writing and posting. I don’t owe anyone an explanation. No one is making me write blog posts. I’m not getting sponsored or however it is some folks get paid to write. I do this because it’s something I choose to do for me.

And I’m ready to return to the things that bring me joy. Which is what started this whole blog nearly SEVEN years ago.

Life has a way of leading me down unexpected paths. Often it’s fun for me to share my journey, and other times, it needs to stay off of public platforms. Knowing which content goes up, and which content is still processing, well, isn’t that the big dilemma?

I could write about less touchy things, like politics and religion. Maybe the folks who get into such debates use it as a clever disguise so they never have to deal with their own stuff.

For me, it all weaves together. Personal, public, politics, religion, family, scars, healing, progress, setbacks. The question is, what do I want to share with whatever audience remains?

Once upon a time, when I was researching blogs, it was suggested that as long as I served my audience to the best of my ability, the content would work itself out.

We could discuss my most recent relationship failure. Or the local beach conditions (red tide is the worst). We could kick around what it’s like to live with your adult children and grandchild. Or maybe we chat about the adventures of launching a podcast for my new job. We could dive into having a boudior photography session after a full hysterectomy (I will NOT be posting the pics here, sorry).

Maybe we could explore the side hustle I started or why I gave up cooking. Or maybe how, as an adult, I have relocated 27 times (yes, I realize that’s the random number I use when I exaggerate, but that is the actual number of places I have lived).

It would be nice to have a clear vision of what this blog will be as I move forward. As soon as I have one, you’ll know. In the meantime, what I can tell you is that it will be honest, insightful, and hopefully encouraging on some level.

I have been writing in my journal every morning, which is where I dump the accumulated insanity out of my head. After I scribble it all out, then my brain remembers all the good things, and I relax into gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude, here’s the latest list.

I have freedom.

I have my health.

I have family near that I see often and love immensely.

I have time to be creative.

I have courage to try new things.

I have time to read, and also time to write.

I have the opportunity to serve at my church.

I have food in the refrigerator.

I have new tires on my car.

I have a roof over my head and a comfy bed to sleep in.

I have great friends who listen, and care, and encourage.

I have a mentor who makes time for me each week.

I have a great job with opportunities to grow.

I have a short drive to visit a beautiful beach.

I have a beautiful smile now that the braces are off.

I have opportunities to enjoy my life.

Yes, there are challenges, but I am doing my best to work through them.

One of the things that helps me is writing. Another is gratitude.

What helps you?

What drives you?

What practices do you put in place to keep yourself in a positive space?  

Thanks for reading, and not holding your breath.
Until next time,

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