Curiosity – does it really kill?

I guess that all depends on whether or not you are a cat. Personally, I am not a cat lover. But for those of you that land in this category, you can attest to the statement that curiosity (almost) killed the cat. They don’t have nine lives for nothing, you know.
But what is it they are after, really? Why is this page about curiosity worth the five minutes it will take to read? Because curiosity is one of the most important traits one can have. Among the benefits curiosity brings are:
  • A zest for life.
  • Exercise for your brain.
  • Interesting conversations.
  • Discovering the world around you (and beyond).
  • Excitement for learning and growing.
  • Slowing of the aging process.
  • Purpose and meaning to the day.
  • Better memory function.
  • More friends.
I’m sure there are tons of research articles to back this up. And if you are curious about any of these specific points, why not dive in a little deeper? The internet is a fantastic place to learn great information. This article offers some great strategies for sparking curiosity. Be sure to check the sources for accuracy and dates. You cannot believe EVERYTHING you read. As life goes and our bodies age, we can begin to let those nagging aches and pains get the better of us. We can easily settle into a familiar routine and just kick back in the la-z boy and relax. While this is tempting, it is also dangerous. You could grow old and boring if this is your nightly groove.

What happens if your routine gets thrown off kilter? Can you be spontaneous and just mix things up? Or is the schedule beginning to resemble that of a preschooler who must have his nap at two and dinner by five? Don’t be afraid to explore. Order something different off the menu (it’s sure to throw your regular server off if she has your “usual” memorized). Look forward to the next time someone asks you, “What’s new?”, by having a new thing to share!
My friend Vera, who is celebrating her 102nd birthday this week, shared this little nugget of wisdom with me a while back. When I asked her why she was still so spunky and fun at her age (which is quite an accomplishment!), she simply said this, “I learned a long time ago not to be afraid of new things.” Vera exchanges emails, listens to audio books from the library, and joins her great-great-grandchildren as they use her Alexa to order things from Amazon. I want to be like Vera. I want to carry an attitude of curiosity and not one of dread or negativity. I want to explore. I want to have adventures. I want to learn something new every single day.
I’m not kidding. Maybe I should begin with the ability to navigate the audio books from the library. Maybe Vera will share her secret for patience the next time we chat. What is something you’ve always wanted to do? Learn more about? Go explore! Go and see for yourself. It probably won’t squelch your curiosity; I think it might just feed it. And that would be a fun and exciting thing. Happy exploring! Thanks for reading, until next time, Sherri

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