Habits: Good, bad, and unestablished.

The other morning I was listening to a book summary about successful people and their daily habits. Meaning, if you adopt these habits, then you too will be successful.

I also heard recently that one starts to make progress when they tire of their own bullshit.

And then, I drove past this message on a sign, “the road to success is always under construction”.

Man, my road has certainly been under construction, for like 30 years now! I’ve been wondering when all this improvement will be complete. And now I’m hearing, never?

Okay Universe, you’ve got my attention.

So back to this book summary on habits, I am paying close attention to see if I can learn something new. You know, to become successful, and as I’m listening, I realize that I already do EVERY SINGLE ONE of these. Seriously. It was freaking me out.

According to this book, Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, PhD., the following habits will lead to success:

Make your bed
Exercise each morning
Journal each morning
Meditate every day at least 15 minutes
Plan your day
Meal prep so you’re not overspending on food by waiting until you’re hungry*.
Stay connected to friends
Stay connected to nature
Take time to play
Read books
Set challenging goals for yourself
Live with integrity and adhere to your own values
Get plenty of sleep
Drink plenty of water
Get regular medical and dental appointments
Floss your teeth every night
Wear your retainers (wait, this one is from my orthodontist, but it’s still a habit I am proud of)
Give yourself a spending budget
Work with a mentor

My goodness – this is quite a list… So maybe not every single day for each one, but most of these happen most of the time. How? Because they are habits. I don’t really think about them or negotiate with myself. This is why habits are so powerful. They are like cruise control – auto pilot – coasting down hill – you get the idea.

Momentum. It’s the law.

A trick that helps me when evaluating my habits is to ask myself this question: Sherri, are you the kind of person who ________ ?

Putting it in the third person helps me. It’s not about what others think, but about what fits me, and what do I think about myself. And this works for establishing positive habits and killing off the negative ones. When I was younger, I smoked cigarettes, but I didn’t feel good about that habit. And one day, I asked myself that very question, and decided I wanted the answer to be, “NO, I am not the kind of person who smokes.”

Every great now and then, I still crave a cigarette.

Also I like to habit stack. It’s like a medley relay. First this, then that, then the next, and so it’s a whole little routine. I play a game to see how fast I can do it. I want to be super efficient with my time on the things that don’t require brain power. I don’t want to think – until – unless – I have to. 🙂

There are certainly days when I don’t feel like hitting my yoga mat. And there are days when I don’t feel like meditating for 15 minutes. But coffee? I love my coffee. So I play this habit-stacking game with myself. I can’t have coffee until AFTER yoga and meditation. No bargaining or negotiating. Just do it. And then, like 30 seconds after I begin, I am so happy I didn’t let myself wriggle out of the daily commitment I made to myself.


I am noticing that these practices are having a positive influence on my life. Duh, why would I continue to practice something that wasn’t working? Isn’t this the entire point?

Keeping up with my grandson? Thanks, yoga. Not overreacting? Thanks, meditation.

One day he will be too big for this. But not today!

Actually, thanks to the wisdom from others who know these practices and habits really work. Thanks younger me, for deciding these habits were worth establishing. What habits that I can adopt now that my future self will thank me for?

I am not sure I will spend a lot of time on that question. I feel like I’ve got some good momentum, and that if I continue to do what’s good for me on THIS day, the rest will work itself out.

After all, success is what we each decide it is for ourselves. When I am enjoying my day, doing what feels good, taking care of myself, and enjoying the people around me, that is success. And isn’t that what each day calls us to do?

#2. You define success for yourself. 🙂

What habits have you kicked?
What habits have you established?
What insights can you share about your regular practices that serve you well?

Thanks for reading, until next time,

One thought on “Habits: Good, bad, and unestablished.

  1. I had put this aside to reread and too much time has elapsed.  !Lots going on familywise,etc. COMMENTS Yes, always make your bedA world without COffee  is not worth livingDon’t forget to Line-Dance Miss you! Love,…vera


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