Too cold for ice cream

It’s no secret that I’m a total wuss when it comes to cold weather. It’s not an accident that I live in Florida, y’all. Once I realized there wasn’t a minimum age to move here (like I originally believed), I headed south with zero plans to return.

Even with mild winters, I’m still freezing on occasion.

Like today. When the low temp is below 50, you’ve got me questioning any horrendous plans of leaving the house. Tonight we will turn on the heat and hope for the best. We don’t do cold. Only chilly.

Sorry for the cold weather digression. But it reminded me of a recent topic of debate.

Here’s my question… Is it ever too cold to eat ice cream?

Most people say no way. Some say, no it’s better when it’s cold, then it’s not melting everywhere.

I disagree. I believe that yes, it can be too cold for ice cream. My bestie also agrees. So she and I will not be found in line for ice cream anytime soon. Check back in April when summer resumes for us.

Doing a google search did bring up a few hits, but nothing that would impress any academics. It depends on how devoted you are in your love affair.

My bestie and I? Not so committed. But others, they wouldn’t dare give up ice cream just because it’s winter.

Some would say winter is actually the ideal time for ice cream consumption. They may also argue that our bodies need the higher fan content.

These are also the people who own ice cream shops. That’s who says this stuff. Click here for article.

So what did I learn today? That everyone gets to decide for themselves whether it’s too cold for them to enjoy ice cream or not. And that also, if you find someone who completely agrees with you, they are probably your best friend.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow.



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