Creativity explained…

Are you creative?

You most likely are. If you’re breathing anyway. We are creatures – created beings – part of creation – and we are here to create.

I struggled with today’s post simply because I cannot absorb this information quickly. But I’ll share what I’m getting so far.

One source of learning is podcasts. They are everywhere and one can learn just about anything. A recent favorite is with Dr. Andrew Huberman, who is super smart and breaks down difficult topics and makes them digestible.

He’s a neurologist and a college professor at Stanford, so I’m glad he’s got this skill set. I’m also glad I’m not one of his students because I’d be totally distracted and not learn anything. Plus there would be tuition and tests, and I already did all of that.

Dr. Andrew (hottie) Huberman
Rick Rubin, music producer

His most recent guest is Rick Rubin and this man is a creative genius. Their conversation has captivated me, and I’m not even halfway through.

What I learned so far is that creativity is something that is difficult to define, predict, control, or manufacture. Creativity is described like a cloud, which changes and moves and can disappear completely. I get this completely! Does it resonate with you?

It’s super interesting to listen to these two because they are both geniuses in their respective fields, which are about as far away from one other as possible. Yet, they have mutual respect and admiration as they strive to share their perspectives and understanding for the betterment of all.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering Rubin’s book, “The Creative Act: A Way of Being,” which explores the creative process and how to access creativity. I’ll wait until I’ve listened to the whole episode first.

It’s reminding me of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Any or all of these will speak to you – especially if you’ve accepted the fact that you are creative. I have them all, reread them often, and will not loan them out to anyone, ever.

I’m also learning there is hope for humanity! There’s been a lot of noise lately about AI, and when I think about the value humans can bring, it boils down to creativity. Sure you can have a machine write your essay. But does it move your audience the same way as something heartfelt? Or does it just need to move the teacher to give you an A?

Lots to consider! Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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