Setting expectations…

This is such a big topic. Over the years I’ve heard a LOT about expectations.

One phrase is among my favorites: an expectation is a premeditated resentment. This is true when I have expectations of others – and then they fail – I become resentful.

But what about creating expectations? Yes, I used to be in sales. There is a whole “over-promise and under-deliver” routine that can happen to the best of us.

Why am I talking about expectations? Because I’m about to go shopping with my 3-year old grandson.

What I have learned about this activity is to set it up in advance to avoid any meltdowns. Create the expectation.

Just a few months ago, days before his 3rd birthday, we ran into Target to grab a few things. He asked if we could go look at Monster Trucks. I said sure, let’s go look. What I did NOT say was, we aren’t buying anything for you today.

So when he insisted on a Monster Jam Parking Garage (retailing for $110), I said no way, I’m sorry bud, we aren’t getting that. We had a standoff that ended with me carrying him out – kicking and screaming – forsaking the items on our way to the exit.

We will not be doing that tonight.

He definitely needs that garage!
Notice the tie dye matching the VW bus Monster Truck?

So what will I learn? That a 3 year old can behave in a predictable way when expectations are clearly set?

Or will I learn that it doesn’t matter what steps you make to create a favorable experience – that a 3 year old will do as he pleases?

We shall find out! Stay tuned….

Expectations for the win!!!

He was extremely well behaved. Also he was with his JoJo and his Auntie who give him undivided attention. We’re also not fully responsible for him which makes our roles wayyyy easier than the ones his parents have.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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