Don’t forget!

Something happened at work today that had me completely perplexed.

I mean, this happens regularly because most of the time, I am diving into unchartered waters. Hence, the training team leading by example. Our motto is #alwayslearning.

So what was it about today that made it different?

I guess because I remembered something about a coworker that I can barely remember about my own family.

Today there was a birthday, and I found out super last minute. I dashed off to Publix to get a card and a balloon and a cinnamon roll. If it hadn’t been for the third item, the Dollar Store (closer and cheaper) would have sufficed.

But the cinnamon roll was the big thing. I remembered that I had brought in sweets a while ago and the birthday boy raved about that being his favorite.

Among my favorites too… mmmm!

But if my kids ask me to make a sandwich, I can’t remember who wants mustard and who hates tomatoes.

What’s up with that?

Sorry kids, y’all are big enough to make your own sandwiches now. Apparently I haven’t been paying attention in hopes I’d be fired from such duties. 🤣🤣🤣

I decided to look this up. Memory and learning are definitely related topics. And I want to use more of my memory.

Check out this site full of tips and tricks.

And with that, it’s a perfect night to enjoy daiquiris with a friend from high school and his lovely wife. They visit here often from Virginia (high school was in Iowa). You know the conversation included memories from our younger years!

We are actually birthday twins!

Do you have a great memory? What are your tips and tricks?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow.



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