Filled with joy…

Today I set an alarm and made my way to church. My time to report for duty was 10am and I wasn’t even late. The running joke I have with the staff there is I am happy to help, but not too early.

They were happy to oblige. It’s a fun place to serve – I mean – especially now that I’m a volunteer and not a staff person.

I loved my time as a staff person. Until I didn’t. I was ready to have a different career path. Turns out I was also ready for the joy of serving to be restored.

Which it was! I look forward to my Sundays on. I get to greet people whether I know them or not. It’s fun to be the friendly face when folks enter in.

Confession. I’ve sometimes given people the wrong idea when I’ve been friendly to them. On occasion, wives get suspicious and single guys think I’m after them.

So what am I learning?

I don’t have to be overly friendly or underly friendly. I can just be genuine. And that will show through whatever I’m doing, whether it’s a commitment or an obligation or somewhere in between.

After all, volunteering should be something that is enjoyable. And I’m pretty sure nobody wants to encounter a grumpy greeter.

Do you volunteer anywhere? Is it fun? What do you do?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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