First things first…

Sometimes miracles happen.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take really good care of yourself. By doing so, you have something to share with others.

You heard about my day of serving yesterday, and how wonderful it was to connect with my church family.

After I got home, I had a few things on my list, and I actually did none of them. I grabbed a book and sat outside and enjoyed the beauty of the day.

It felt a little weird, but I am learning there is great value in downtime.

I did cook dinner for the family last night, and that was about the extent of my accomplishments.

Cleaning up the disaster that’s been brewing in the garage was on my list, and I didn’t touch it. All weekend.

So imagine my delight when I got home today and it was clean! Manageable! I could actually park my car in there. How crazy would that be?

My daughter tackled it today and said it took most of the morning. It looked like it could have taken a few days, especially with a very busy 3 year old as a helper. No matter – it’s greatly improved and I am thankful.

I didn’t nag or whine or complain too much about it. I mentioned a couple of times I wanted to tackle it since it was such a wreck. But then I decided to read and relax instead. I did not expect her to take care of it today.

But oh golly I am glad she did!

What did I learn?

That it’s okay to practice self care. To honor when your body – or your spirit – tells you to rest and let go. That I don’t need to be a martyr about anything.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!



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