That was the theme of today’s practice in my annual tradition of Yoga with Adriene. Each January, she and her crew put together a 30 day yoga package all wrapped up in a fabulous theme.

Daily emails, journal prompts, and thousands of other people practicing with me. All doing the exact same thing at the exact same time – worldwide – so powerful!

Today’s practice included Warrior 3.

Have you ever tried this pose?
Think you can hold it for 3 – 5 breaths?

Which is basically standing on one foot while the other one is straight back at hip level. Bonus if you put your arms straight out so your core is totally screaming.

And I nailed it today, well on one side anyway. I’ll be transparent here, but I’ve been practicing for years and I still wobble on certain days. And it’s okay. I usual giggle and remember I’m human.

Balancing postures reveal a lot. The irony is I feel like I truly am soaring. I’m finally feeling like there’s some great momentum at home and at work. I’m feeling peaceful and grateful and happy. The word that comes to mind is harmony. 🥰🙏

Don’t worry, I’m a Gemini. This may flip on its head any minute. Or maybe not? Who knows. I’m just doing my best, and today that feels pretty damn good.

What did I learn? To embrace the joy when the day has been a good one. To be grateful and not take a moment of it for granted. I don’t have to wait for a shoe to drop.

Maybe I’ll look that up to learn the origins of that expression. Stay tuned…

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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