Confidence matters

Accomplishments are a big deal to me. There’s nothing better than making a to do list and then crossing things off. Sometimes I’ll write something down after I did it (if it wasn’t on my list), just for the simple satisfaction of crossing it off.

I like single sitting projects. Dive in fast and deep, think it through, solve it and move on. Long term projects are harder though. Realizing a goal feels amazing when it’s done, but the actual chucking away a little at a time is harder for me.

For example, I thought school would last forever, but it didn’t. I just did one semester at a time until it was done. Six and a half years.

It’s one of the things of which I’m most proud. Actually most of the accomplishments in that category took a long time.

Having earned my degree is something that has given me tremendous confidence. And THAT is why it’s worth it. That’s why long term goals and big projects take a long time because we invest in it over and over. It’s how we get better. It’s how you can eat an elephant.

One bite at a time.

Today I had a few conversations at work that helped me see how far I’ve come regarding my confidence level. How it’s improved. How I’m finding my feet – my groove – whatever you want to call it. I have confidence in what I am doing and working towards. It feels amazing!

Writing and posting a blog every day is a big challenge, and keeping the theme of new and learning is stretching me in multiple ways. But here we are, day 38 and still going.

The key is confidence. When I look back to how my life has evolved, I am humbled. I am beyond grateful. I’m learning there is tremendous value in paying attention and taking note.

I’m also reminded that the best is yet to come!

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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