Today I learned…

…about self love.

This is definitely an awkward thing to be learning at my age. Maybe it’s more like, I learned a new way of expressing self love. Let me explain.

I love greeting cards. I am one of those people that finds a great card for someone months before their birthday, and then stashes it somewhere safely. To then not find it, or finding it too late. I keep a Halloween card that I chose for a former co-worker like ten years ago. I pull it out every year in hopes of finding a new match (as we’ve lost track of each other). I came up short again, so I’ll hang onto it another year. The same goes for cards of all occasions, even the obscure holidays, as well as the “blank inside” ones.

(Have you ever found yourself opening one of those anyway? Just me? K, thanks.)

I strolled into a little store I had forgotten about, and I discovered they have THE BEST greeting card selection! I was laughing out loud over a few of them, deeply inspired by a few as well. This is where I’ll be getting all my greeting cards from now on, after I check my inventory, of course.

Then I ran across this one.

This beautiful image jumped out at me, and I stood there trying to think of who should receive it. I have so many fabulous friends; as I paused to consider who might be the fortunate one, this thought came to me.

It’s for you Sherri. Get it and write yourself a love note.

Disclaimer: This could seem totally cheesy, and my younger self would have been eye-rolling like crazy over this idea.

So I bought it, and this morning, I wrote. The writing was way more challenging. After all, I could have changed my mind and given it to someone else. But I proceeded as planned! I did find it helpful to write it in third person, so it truly felt like my inner, more enlightened self was writing it to me. Or my guardian angel, or whoever. You get the idea.

I was in tears before I finished, but definitely felt the power of the experience. They weren’t really my words. At least, not the usual ones I say to myself. These were soft, gentle, encouraging, affirming.

I will read it frequently, especially if I am having a hard day.

Let’s face it. I would never be friends with someone who treats me the way I sometimes treat myself. It’s time to be kinder and less critical.

The world needs us all to be a little nicer to each other. It all starts within. I cannot share what I do not have. And neither can you.

Today I learned the value in writing a love letter to myself. Have you ever done this? Have you practiced self love in a tangible way?

I’m not sure if this “write a blog every day about something I learned” will be this personal as we proceed. But I will strive to be honest and helpful in whatever I share.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Today I learned…

  1. Sherri, Your post today made me FEEL which is harder for me then doing.
    You should write more lovely cards to yourself. You are so worth it.
    Thank you for the FEELING instead of a todo list in this JOYFUL 2023.
    Freezing in AZ, Leah

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