This is such a powerful word. Today I experienced – and I guess – learned about this practice in a fresh way.

Most of the time, I let my thoughts swirl around and I allow too many distractions. I probably have ADHD and would benefit from meds. But that’s my “normal”. A little scattered, easily distracted, and switch back and forth continually.

Squirrel? Yep. Shiny things? Of course.

But today, at work, I really practiced staying focused on the task at hand. I could better tune out and even ignore other thoughts that would otherwise throw me off. I recognized the invasive thought, pushed it away, and stayed on target.

What an amazing thing to be able to do this. Maybe it’s the daily meditation practice finally showing some results. Maybe it’s maturity. Maybe it’s just a lucky day!?

Focus – as a verb – pay particular attention to. “the study will focus on a number of areas in Wales”

Focus as an acronym – Forget Other Choices Until Successful.

It’s also interesting to think of the rifle vs the shotgun. For those of you who didn’t grow up in a family of hunters, you’re probably not as familiar with this.

Shotguns have a spray of “shot”, smaller but more widespread. You’ve got a greater chance at hitting a large target but each shot is less powerful. Rifles have a single bullet, more concentrated, more effective, but you less room for error. You’ve got to be more focused when using a rifle to be successful.

It feels good to accomplish things by staying with them. It feels good to be challenged. It feels good to know that I am not a victim of my scattered thoughts.

And it feels good to continue blogging.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Focus…

  1. Sherri, Enjoying your posts. Isn’t funny how we have made due with our ADHD and other wonderfully weird idiosyncrasies that have made us who we are today:) Also are smart and open minded enough to not settle for the state of our comfortable minds.
    The Secret Gift by Ted Gup I have just finished this eye opening book about Canton Ohio’s Sam Stone and the remarkable Great Depression years.
    Am pretty sure you were the one who endorsed it:)
    Thank you! It has been a mind blowing read learning a lot more about Ohio and The Great Depression 💚

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