Stuff I like

I love giving credit where credit is due. Gratitude goes a long way y’all. Here’s some things that I highly recommend…


I’m not sure how he does it, but Micah is an absolute genius and created this thing for people like me. Not only do his words inspire, but his teaching is solid and simple. You can find out more here.

How did I find this web genius in Minneapolis you ask? Because he is in cahoots with my hero, Jen Hatmaker.71738_3076483

I promise if you read anything of hers at all, you will laugh out loud and try to read it aloud to anyone nearby so they can share in your giggling. Follow her on Facebook if you’re too cheap to buy something here. Or you can listen to her podcast here.


Every day  (okay, most days) I spend time doing Yoga with Adriene. She is adorable and I consider her my friend. I’m sure she would feel the same way if we ever met, and maybe one day we will. If you’re looking for a non-weirdo to lead you through some amazing flow, check out all her videos here.

As things come up from time to time, I’ll share them here, but this is a pretty good list of “I highly recommend this!” to you. Thanks for reading 🙂