Permission to pivot

So…today is Saturday. The last time I posted was Thursday. Oops. I missed a day.

Why? Did something catastrophic keep me from writing and posting yesterday?

Not really. It’s more like I decided I didn’t need to write and post every day. I’m adjusting my goal, which, by the way, I am allowed to do.

I wanted to spend more time writing and thereby improving my skills. I’m definitely in a better groove than I was just 6 weeks ago. But also, my life is complex, as is yours, and I have lots of goals going on simultaneously. Some are:

  • Continuing a daily yoga practice
  • Meditating daily
  • Journaling daily
  • Watching my bank account daily
  • Spending time outdoors as often as possible.
  • Reading
  • Meeting with my mentor
  • Painting
  • Making time for my loved ones.
  • Going to the beach regularly

Other goals include being more present for my family and friends, excelling at my job, and taking good care of myself. Not in that order necessarily. This is not a short list and requires a lot of my energy.

I wasn’t getting enough sleep when I had to write and post daily. Sleep is a vital component to my health, physical, mental and emotional.

I wrote 47 blog posts in a row which is a personal best. Years ago, I entered a writing challenge that was 31 days and if you go back into the archives, you can find them.

Interesting that the topic of that 31 day sprint was freedom. And by shifting my goal, I am finding exactly that.

Thanks for reading, until next time,


Going with the flow

Sometimes I run errands after work, and tonight was one of those nights. I’m on the hunt for a fancy purple dress (more about that later). There are a number of stores that may have this, and I’ve got a week to nail this down.

Waze said to avoid the interstate, and so I took the long way towards home. I drove past one store, and didn’t feel the urge to stop. And then another store I had nearly forgotten about was right in front of me. I have had great success there (years ago), and pulled right in.

I found not one, but FIVE different styles of purple dresses. I had time to try them all on, and had 3 to choose from! I grabbed the most flattering classic style and headed to check out.

And it was on sale – like 60% off! How fun is that?

Not even close to this fancy!

Sometimes it’s wise to have a plan. Other times it’s good to trust my gut and go where I’m led.

Along these same lines, there is a vendor I need to connect with for work. Their business is north and my office is south. I’ve been trying to figure out when to squeeze that in.

Due to some spacing issues tomorrow, I’ll be working from home instead of my office. Perfect! I’ll go see the vendor while it’s convenient.

Again, trusting the Universe, or God, or Source, whatever name works for you. Trusting the timing. Relaxing and allowing things to unfold as they will. It’s wild, and also super fun when I recognize it.

What synchronicities are you seeing lately? Anything that brings a smile or even laughter? It’s good to be on the look out for these “random” happenings!

So what did I learn? That when I relax a bit more and fret a bit less, life is more fun and it all works out.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Tired and unreasonable

These go hand in hand, don’t they?

Today I learned that there is no use trying to convince a 3 year old (who played hard and napped not) to leave his dad’s and come home with me when he is tired. And unreasonable.

And that’s okay because my happiness isn’t based on actions of others. I can play with his monster trucks by myself.

Just kidding. I watched a lame movie on Hulu and am in bed at a decent hour for once. And my grandson is with his dad and we shall try again next week.

How much sleep do you need to function well? Are you unreasonable when you’re tired?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Happy Love Day!

Today I learned a little more about love and what it means to be loving – to myself and to others.

I did my usual morning routine which is yoga, meditation, and journaling with hot tea. Then off to work where I was greeted with chocolates and skittles.

Then an unexpected lunch with the work gang at an amazing Thai place. They served up enough for two meals which then covered my dinner too. So yummy!

Then after a productive afternoon, I connected with friends and enjoyed some creativity, wine, and great conversation.

I came home to beautiful chalk art hearts all over the driveway and balloons and a card in my room. Let’s not forget the flowers and candy I received earlier this week.

I am surrounded by so much love. And not just because it’s February 14. It’s because when I look for evidence of love, I find it all around.

Sunrises. Flowers. The belly laugh of a child. Warmth. Compassion. Fun. Silliness. All of these are love.

So am I. So are you. So is everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Words and words…

Yesterday I came pretty close to breaking my commitment of writing and posting every day. I was nearly asleep after staying up to watch the big game. And I forced myself to write something as minimal as possible.

So here’s to making up for yesterday. Sorry about that. It’s probably good to realize the focus is quantity not necessarily quality. That will come as I practice, but there are bound to be days like that. 😉

Today I learned what a Janus word, or contronym is. It’s a word that means the opposite of itself. It’s pretty funny when you stop to realize how bizarre the English language truly is.

Words like left, overlook, dust, cleave, and so many others. Here’s the article that gives more explanation.

How did I stumble upon this? Well, it started yesterday with a last minute trip to Publix (it was almost kickoff so it was a ghost town), I had the most pleasant conversation with the young cashier. She started by saying, “Good evening Miss.”

I was startled, paused a moment, and told her how much I appreciated not being called Ma’am for once. We agreed that it’s supposed to be a sign of respect but it somehow offends.

When someone calls me Ma’am, it feels like I am an old woman. I’m not putting myself in that category quite yet. The cashier shared her boyfriend’s mom feels the same, so I’m not alone here.

I mentioned that I’m kind of a words person and I liked to read and write and stuff. She smiled and continued chatting.

She shared that it’s a thing, when words culturally begin to take on their opposite meaning. Literally is a word that is used all the time, but it is actually used in place of figuratively. Here is another article that dives a bit deeper into the history behind contronyms.

When you like to play with words, things like these are fascinating. There’s nothing quite like stumbling upon good conversation. Words people, book people, we tend to recognize one another pretty easily.

It was also pretty cool that I was grumbling about going to the store and that the Buffalo chicken dip was delayed even more due to a forgotten ingredient. When I walked out of Publix, I had everything I needed and a spark of curiosity. As well as a great connection with that young lady who called me miss as I departed. ☺️

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’ll be writing something non-mushy in solidarity with all of my single friends out there.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow.


Day 41…

There’s a lot of references to 40 days in the Bible. A few of these folks are Noah, Moses, and even resurrected Jesus, they all did a thing for 40 days, you get it.

Well, me too. I wrote a blog post every single day for 40 consecutive days. I definitely wrote one each day (none prewritten ahead) but there were a couple of glitches with posting. Meaning, I forgot to hit the “Publish” button. Oops.

But I did it. Yay!

What did I learn? That there are still 325 days left of this year, not counting today. I’m almost 10% of the way there, and I’m still going!

I’m learning that I like writing every day once I get started. It’s the starting that’s tricky. Time evaporates when I’m writing. Not ideal for end of day topics.

My bedtime is suffering a bit.

Also, I’m wondering if this forum is the best place to spill the words in my head? Maybe there’s a project that I might work on instead? Blogging and posting is what I committed to do. Also, I reserve the right to revise my goals as needed.

I am a work in progress and so are my goals. If the purpose of this is to make myself write every day, then I’m still lining up with the intention. Perhaps there’s a better use of the energy spent?

No matter how it plays out, here’s to a solid start to my BHAG – big hairy audacious goal. Cheers!

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Having fun…

Today at work there were some challenging things. But more than that, there were some really fun things too! There were some great conversations, some joking and light hearted ribbing. Even amidst solving some problems and realizing where improvements can be made, I still had lots of fun.

This is amazing. A lot of people can never say this about their jobs. But I honestly can say that I have fun at work.

Why, you ask? What’s my secret?

I guess it’s because I decided to have fun today. I get to choose before I even get out of bed what kind of day I want to have. When I work up this morning, I smiled and greeted the day and decided it would be fun.

And it was.

What did I learn? That while I may not be able to control lots of other things, I can control my attitude. My intentions. I can choose to be grumpy. Or indifferent. Or any other not so wonderful state.

Or I can just decide that since I’m going to work all day, I may as well have fun while I’m there.

How about you? Do you have fun at your job? How can you incorporate more fun into your workday?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Guess what…

This is a game my grandson plays with everyone. The story goes that I’m the one who started this, but I’m not entirely sure that’s true.

It goes like this.

Ellix: Guess what?

Me: What?

Ellix: Chicken butt! Hahahahaha….

Me: Oh you got me!

There are various versions of this. Sometimes it’s chicken nuggets, chicken poop, chicken biscuits, etc.

Lately it’s been on constant repeat and he is mostly ignored because he chooses chicken butt like 98% of the time. It does get old.

Other times it totally turns and goes like this:

Ellix: Guess what?

Me: What?

Ellix: I love you.

Me: Awwww baby I love you too!

He always says it super sweetly too. I’m not doubting he knows what it means; he definitely knows how it makes the recipient feel. There’s so much wonderful energy with him.

I know he will turn into a smelly sassy teen one day, but this precious time with him is almost more than I can bear.

And also, please stop repeating that endlessly. It’s bedtime! He’s so fun and silly and noisy and messy and also tiring. There’s a reason we have kids when we are young. Whew!

What did I learn today? To be careful about what I teach this young man. He’s absorbing every drop. And repeating it ad nauseam.

Bonus: I learned how to spell ad nauseam.

Thanks for reading, until next time,


Confidence matters

Accomplishments are a big deal to me. There’s nothing better than making a to do list and then crossing things off. Sometimes I’ll write something down after I did it (if it wasn’t on my list), just for the simple satisfaction of crossing it off.

I like single sitting projects. Dive in fast and deep, think it through, solve it and move on. Long term projects are harder though. Realizing a goal feels amazing when it’s done, but the actual chucking away a little at a time is harder for me.

For example, I thought school would last forever, but it didn’t. I just did one semester at a time until it was done. Six and a half years.

It’s one of the things of which I’m most proud. Actually most of the accomplishments in that category took a long time.

Having earned my degree is something that has given me tremendous confidence. And THAT is why it’s worth it. That’s why long term goals and big projects take a long time because we invest in it over and over. It’s how we get better. It’s how you can eat an elephant.

One bite at a time.

Today I had a few conversations at work that helped me see how far I’ve come regarding my confidence level. How it’s improved. How I’m finding my feet – my groove – whatever you want to call it. I have confidence in what I am doing and working towards. It feels amazing!

Writing and posting a blog every day is a big challenge, and keeping the theme of new and learning is stretching me in multiple ways. But here we are, day 38 and still going.

The key is confidence. When I look back to how my life has evolved, I am humbled. I am beyond grateful. I’m learning there is tremendous value in paying attention and taking note.

I’m also reminded that the best is yet to come!

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,