Loyalty can be expensive

My day began with an 8am dentist appointment. X-rays, 5 minutes with my dentist, and then 45 minutes of hygiene.

Most people hate the dentist. I hated the dentist for a long time myself. I’m fancy I neglected my teeth as a young adult. For like 10 years.

I’m lucky I didn’t lose them.

But I made a change and have brushed and flossed faithfully ever since. Then I went crazy and spent a bunch of money on orthodontics and got them straightened.

Graduation – May, 2019
Yesterday. Jan. 29, 2023

So now I am not the least bit nervous or worried when I see the dentist. My daily practices have made these routine visits much more pleasant.

Also I have lifetime whitening with this dentist. I shelled out $75 a couple of years ago and now all the treatments are covered.

So here’s the thing. I love my hygienist and my dentist and their staff. But they are not in my network and they won’t file my claim.

I dropped over $250 today and now I have to fill out a bunch of paperwork to get some of my money back. Not even all of it. This is frustrating.

It turns out that when I looked online to find dentists in my network, there are over 150 providers in a 20 mile radius.

So now, the question is, how much does loyalty cost me? H

And more questions. How much of a hassle is to find a new dentist and hygienist? How much does it matter how great they are when I see them twice a year?

How many free whitening treatments equals the hassle and cost difference in the “out of network” plan?

These are legit questions. I’ll research more and keep you posted.

So, back to my theme, what did I learn today? That good daily habits pay off, and maybe loyalty does too. And that I’m a lucky girl if this is my biggest challenge today. Seriously.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


All the feels…

Today I learned how lucky I am.

No, I didn’t hit the lottery. Yet. And I didn’t have a near-death experience, not that I know of anyway. I do believe there is an army of angels protecting me because I’m too challenging for just one. A solo guardian angel would have given up long ago.

I’m lucky because I had the time and freedom and opportunity to see people I love and go places I wanted to go. I had safe travels, great parking, delicious food, and lots of great conversation.

I’m lucky I got to see my sister and one of my nephews today. It’s been several months and it’s always good to connect with family.

I’m lucky that I live just a short drive to a beach. I’m lucky that temperature was perfect, the sky was blue, and there was a spectacular sunset on my favorite beach tonight.

Just kidding. I don’t have a favorite beach. I don’t think I’ve met a beach I didn’t love.

I’m lucky because the evening concluded with this moment.

No filter!

I’m lucky that I can have such a wonderful life. I have an amazing friend who enjoys the beach as much as me, can be spontaneous, and also happens to be an excellent photographer.

I’m lucky to have my beautiful family that lives here. No one has to get on a plane to connect. We all have our own schedules and lives, and it’s nice having my loved ones close.

I’m lucky because I am healthy and strong and fit enough to run around and kick a soccer ball with my grandson.

I’m so lucky I get to see this handsome little man frequently. He’s literally growing before my eyes. He lights up every room he’s in and reminds me to be present. He’s also reminding me that it’s really fun being silly.

Seriously. I do know how lucky I am. I think about all the millions of people on our planet. In all the times and circumstances, and here’s lil ole me, being grateful for how special this season really is.

That’s all I have for today. What more could I possibly want?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Mental pictures

I left my phone in the car when I took my grandson to the park today. So I intentionally captured moments. And I will describe a few here for you faithful readers.

He was running and we were taking turns being in the lead. If I got too far ahead of him he protested and tried to distract me. Then, if I fell for it, he would dart off giggling as he stole the lead.

There was a squirrel near by and I pointed it out to him. The squirrel acted as though it understood; it stopped and came right at us showing zero fear. We stepped back – it made me nervous too! Then it jumped up on the nearby tree as it played hide and seek with us.

Then we let his monster truck go hurling down the slides. We walked across the little stepping stones to stay out of the hot lava (also known as the ground in case you’re freaking out). We loved on two puppy dogs. (My grandson has never met a dog he didn’t love. It’s nearly always mutual but I digress.)

We had an awesome time. I’m so grateful to have been able to make these these wonderful memories today!

What did I learn? Maybe that truly being present feels incredible.

Especially when the cutest three year old is running and laughing with me. There’s something magical with ones like him.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Good friends…

My friend and I made plans to have dinner together tonight. We haven’t seen one another since before the holidays. Silly I know, especially since we live in the same county for crying out loud.

She was 20 minutes early to the wrong restaurant. How quickly she went from “I’m here and early”, to “crap I’m in the wrong place and have to scramble and get somewhere asap”!!

I waited ever so patiently. Because good friends are worth waiting for. And I told her so.

We had a lovely dinner. My belly is full, as well as my heart.

So what did I learn today? Maybe I knew it already and was reminded. We are all human. And we are all just doing our best each day. And that a little grace goes a long way. Good friends are precious and deserve space and time.

Thanks for reading, until next time,


Feeling worthy

Some pretty wild things are happening at my job. I won’t get into specifics, but it feels really good.

When I take a step back, it can feel like it’s too good to be true. And then I remember how hard I’ve worked, and also, that I’m worthy of things going well.

I’m not waiting for the other shoe to drop. Life is amazing. I have much for which to be grateful.

Things aren’t perfect, but they are good. And beyond that, I am good. Because God is good.

What did I learn today? That I can have big dreams and fantastical ideas and I don’t have to apologize for them. Or feel unworthy. I can revel and enjoy the place I’m in while having anticipation about what more lies ahead.

Dream. Research. Evaluate. Plan. Why not?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


The other shoe…

Have you ever had upstairs neighbors? In a cheap-ass, poorly constructed apartment?

Well, I have. And if you’ve shared this experience, then you already know what I’m about to share.

The idiom, “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, comes from this exact scenario.

People below would hear the sound of their upstairs neighbors taking off their shoes. It was literally describing shoes dropping. First one shoe… wait… wait… here it comes… and… there it is… there’s the other shoe!

I found this article to be the most detailed source of history on this idiom.

The thing that’s funny is that we still use a lot of phrases like this, maybe without even thinking about its origin.

There are so many other interesting idioms to explore on this site. Check it out if you’ve got time and boredom on your hands.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



That was the theme of today’s practice in my annual tradition of Yoga with Adriene. Each January, she and her crew put together a 30 day yoga package all wrapped up in a fabulous theme.

Daily emails, journal prompts, and thousands of other people practicing with me. All doing the exact same thing at the exact same time – worldwide – so powerful!

Today’s practice included Warrior 3.

Have you ever tried this pose?
Think you can hold it for 3 – 5 breaths?

Which is basically standing on one foot while the other one is straight back at hip level. Bonus if you put your arms straight out so your core is totally screaming.

And I nailed it today, well on one side anyway. I’ll be transparent here, but I’ve been practicing for years and I still wobble on certain days. And it’s okay. I usual giggle and remember I’m human.

Balancing postures reveal a lot. The irony is I feel like I truly am soaring. I’m finally feeling like there’s some great momentum at home and at work. I’m feeling peaceful and grateful and happy. The word that comes to mind is harmony. 🥰🙏

Don’t worry, I’m a Gemini. This may flip on its head any minute. Or maybe not? Who knows. I’m just doing my best, and today that feels pretty damn good.

What did I learn? To embrace the joy when the day has been a good one. To be grateful and not take a moment of it for granted. I don’t have to wait for a shoe to drop.

Maybe I’ll look that up to learn the origins of that expression. Stay tuned…

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


First things first…

Sometimes miracles happen.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take really good care of yourself. By doing so, you have something to share with others.

You heard about my day of serving yesterday, and how wonderful it was to connect with my church family.

After I got home, I had a few things on my list, and I actually did none of them. I grabbed a book and sat outside and enjoyed the beauty of the day.

It felt a little weird, but I am learning there is great value in downtime.

I did cook dinner for the family last night, and that was about the extent of my accomplishments.

Cleaning up the disaster that’s been brewing in the garage was on my list, and I didn’t touch it. All weekend.

So imagine my delight when I got home today and it was clean! Manageable! I could actually park my car in there. How crazy would that be?

My daughter tackled it today and said it took most of the morning. It looked like it could have taken a few days, especially with a very busy 3 year old as a helper. No matter – it’s greatly improved and I am thankful.

I didn’t nag or whine or complain too much about it. I mentioned a couple of times I wanted to tackle it since it was such a wreck. But then I decided to read and relax instead. I did not expect her to take care of it today.

But oh golly I am glad she did!

What did I learn?

That it’s okay to practice self care. To honor when your body – or your spirit – tells you to rest and let go. That I don’t need to be a martyr about anything.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


Filled with joy…

Today I set an alarm and made my way to church. My time to report for duty was 10am and I wasn’t even late. The running joke I have with the staff there is I am happy to help, but not too early.

They were happy to oblige. It’s a fun place to serve – I mean – especially now that I’m a volunteer and not a staff person.

I loved my time as a staff person. Until I didn’t. I was ready to have a different career path. Turns out I was also ready for the joy of serving to be restored.

Which it was! I look forward to my Sundays on. I get to greet people whether I know them or not. It’s fun to be the friendly face when folks enter in.

Confession. I’ve sometimes given people the wrong idea when I’ve been friendly to them. On occasion, wives get suspicious and single guys think I’m after them.

So what am I learning?

I don’t have to be overly friendly or underly friendly. I can just be genuine. And that will show through whatever I’m doing, whether it’s a commitment or an obligation or somewhere in between.

After all, volunteering should be something that is enjoyable. And I’m pretty sure nobody wants to encounter a grumpy greeter.

Do you volunteer anywhere? Is it fun? What do you do?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,


Little things and big things

Today I learned (a bit more) about perspective.

What could seem like a big chore for one, seems small for another.

What could seem like a small gesture for one, may be enormous for another.

It’s too late to elaborate on this topic because I spent the day busy with family – and chores – and playing with monster trucks – and then a foot race to the lake down the street – then dinner with my friend Vera and some of her family – and then out for a beverage with a couple of girlfriends. Whew!

Love the lily pads on the water.

I’ve already written and posted twice as many blogs this year as I did the last two years combined. And it’s still January! So I’m okay with the lame post that may show up on occasions like this one. I’m still writing and posting. Every single day.

And for today, this will do.

Thanks for reading, until next time,