Hey there! Thanks for finding me.

Many people say that life begins at forty, but for me it began a few years beyond that. I have been on a growth / self discovery curve for the past couple of years, and I share a lot of that here. I enjoy talking and writing and having a blog gives me an outlet and saves those around me from having to listen to every thought that comes flashing by.

I have a lot of ambition but then try to remember that I cannot do everything all in one day. So I watch Ted Talks, journal, practice yoga, do my job, and adjust to life as it changes. My family is all together (2 daughters and a grandson), yes, I’m lucky, and we get to live by one of the most phenomenal beaches in the world. I try not to take any of it for granted.

There are future writing projects in my future, and I’ll keep you posted as they are ready for your eyes!

Thanks for reading…