Day 41…

There’s a lot of references to 40 days in the Bible. A few of these folks are Noah, Moses, and even resurrected Jesus, they all did a thing for 40 days, you get it.

Well, me too. I wrote a blog post every single day for 40 consecutive days. I definitely wrote one each day (none prewritten ahead) but there were a couple of glitches with posting. Meaning, I forgot to hit the “Publish” button. Oops.

But I did it. Yay!

What did I learn? That there are still 325 days left of this year, not counting today. I’m almost 10% of the way there, and I’m still going!

I’m learning that I like writing every day once I get started. It’s the starting that’s tricky. Time evaporates when I’m writing. Not ideal for end of day topics.

My bedtime is suffering a bit.

Also, I’m wondering if this forum is the best place to spill the words in my head? Maybe there’s a project that I might work on instead? Blogging and posting is what I committed to do. Also, I reserve the right to revise my goals as needed.

I am a work in progress and so are my goals. If the purpose of this is to make myself write every day, then I’m still lining up with the intention. Perhaps there’s a better use of the energy spent?

No matter how it plays out, here’s to a solid start to my BHAG – big hairy audacious goal. Cheers!

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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