Having fun…

Today at work there were some challenging things. But more than that, there were some really fun things too! There were some great conversations, some joking and light hearted ribbing. Even amidst solving some problems and realizing where improvements can be made, I still had lots of fun.

This is amazing. A lot of people can never say this about their jobs. But I honestly can say that I have fun at work.

Why, you ask? What’s my secret?

I guess it’s because I decided to have fun today. I get to choose before I even get out of bed what kind of day I want to have. When I work up this morning, I smiled and greeted the day and decided it would be fun.

And it was.

What did I learn? That while I may not be able to control lots of other things, I can control my attitude. My intentions. I can choose to be grumpy. Or indifferent. Or any other not so wonderful state.

Or I can just decide that since I’m going to work all day, I may as well have fun while I’m there.

How about you? Do you have fun at your job? How can you incorporate more fun into your workday?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow,



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