Little things and big things

Today I learned (a bit more) about perspective.

What could seem like a big chore for one, seems small for another.

What could seem like a small gesture for one, may be enormous for another.

It’s too late to elaborate on this topic because I spent the day busy with family – and chores – and playing with monster trucks – and then a foot race to the lake down the street – then dinner with my friend Vera and some of her family – and then out for a beverage with a couple of girlfriends. Whew!

Love the lily pads on the water.

I’ve already written and posted twice as many blogs this year as I did the last two years combined. And it’s still January! So I’m okay with the lame post that may show up on occasions like this one. I’m still writing and posting. Every single day.

And for today, this will do.

Thanks for reading, until next time,



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